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About Miamossa

Miamossa aims to be a destination in your search for boho, creative or simply different style. Or even more, we would like to invite you to a beautiful journey of positive vibes, where jewelry should be inspiring, accessories should be playful and home should be a cosy nest. Our moto is "Not one more little black dress..." and if you agree it seems that you have reached the right place.
We source a plethora of products from around the world in order to offer you a beautiful, carefully curated selection of handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories  and home decor  items. Just think of you finally finding the perfect finishing touch for your outfit, such as a handcrafted leather bracelet or those adorned hoops with pearls from Greek company Toolittle. Or an amazing piece of men's jewelry for your boyfriend or dad. And of course a printed, colorful handbag, backpack or wallet that will take your style to the next level. UK based Disaster Designs will make sure that you will forget what boring means with amazing accessories and home decor items in product ranges such as Eden, Frida Kahlo, By the Sea, Boulevard, Secret Garden and Papillon.
Then you will discover a beautiful handmade storage basket or a suitcase box where you can hide all your stuff. And you will realize that even trivial home stuff such as mugs and photo frames do not have to be dull. Light up a wax melt burner and enjoy the aroma of our eco soy melts filling your space. Do not forget to check our lovely lamps and strings of light as these will make all the difference in your home decor.

Now close your eyes and imagine finding in just one place everything you need for your next visit to the beach. It is simply called Summer Shop and there you will find the most comfortable cotton cover-ups, such as tunics and dresses. Complete your look either with enduring Ipanema flip-flops or with super comfortable Verbenas espadrilles. Then, all you need to decide is if you need a folding Envirosax shopping bag that doubles up as beach bag for a romantic weekend or if you will prefer a handmade beach basket where you can squeeze the stuff of the whole family (even mothers of 4 should be stylish by the sea...). You do not have to worry because our light and absorbent cotton beach pestemal towels fit in both. Now you can finally relax and enjoy the sun...

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